There are a few commentators/bloggers who I more or less regularly read. John Greer is still excellent although not as prolific as when doing the Archdruid Report. Dimitri Orlov remains a favourite despite having partially disappeared behind a dollar only paywall. Monbiot has become flakey (see Media Lens), but still writes some good stuff. My current top pick though is Craig Murray.

Amongst the hundreds of spurious emails flying around about GDPR came one today from the Green Party. It proudly announced that “GDPR legislation was championed by Green MEPs”.

For heaven’s sake, or at least the world’s, sake what were they thinking of?

So many straws swirling around in the wind that it is sometimes hard to see what is going on. Just remember that everything is connected to everything else and that goes just as much for human ecology as for whole earth ecology. Some straws are hopeful and exciting, some are dismal and depressing – many are both depending how you look at them.

Human population size needs to be back on the agenda for discussion. Not ignored because of the rate of growth in numbers may be declining. Absolute numbers continue to grow far faster than was the case with a larger rate of growth on a smaller base. The problem is here and now.