Dancing is very important and interesting.

I don’t mean the sort of dancing with a partner or the sort of dancing that says look at me I’m so cool. I mean the dancing that really connects you directly with the music – preferably being played live.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a lovely day for a trip to Thorney Lakes for the annual scything beanfeast. This year I didn’t camp but drove up on Sunday morning;  good weather and a bit of a queue to get in, but we made it in time for the heats.

One of the consequences of the Philip Cross affair (well documented here and in at least three subsequent posts) is the extent to which it will destroy any vestige of trust in Wikipedia as a sometimes reliable source for people like me.

There are a few commentators/bloggers who I more or less regularly read. John Greer is still excellent although not as prolific as when doing the Archdruid Report. Dimitri Orlov remains a favourite despite having partially disappeared behind a dollar only paywall. Monbiot has become flakey (see Media Lens), but still writes some good stuff. My current top pick though is Craig Murray.