There are a few writers on contemporary affairs who I find consistently interesting and with whom I usually, but not always, agreed. The latest one I've found, initially through her commentary on the Ukrainian situation, but she seems on the nail on many other things too, is Caitlin Johnstone . So many things to like about her attitude and writing, I know nothing of who she is - I believe she lives in Australia and there maybe some biographical info on her website if that's important to you.

With people like this publishing I often feel that I don't need to write anything myself! Very happy to subscribe to be blog with a small donation - check her out....

Its all very well railing against the ineffectiveness of the current movements for human ecological sustainability (see previous two posts) but what should we do until a credible Gaian Rebel Army (GRA ?) emerges?  

I'm not going to go Shopping for Semtex yet - although I imagine it is possible to acquire the means to destroy infrastructure through the magic of the dark-web, so what till then?

So following the R&R Debate, the Just Stop Oil wagon is lurching into motion with a round of recruitment talks. I was intrigued to see how they'd pitch it, so I've watched a video of Larch Maxey, well respected serious activist (and ex-academic scientist) deliver The Talk in Falmouth a week or so ago. 

R & R in this case meaning Rupert (Read) and Roger (Hallam) who have published on YouTube a conversation/debate between the themselves on the subject of Radical Flank or Moderate Flank. It is 2hrs long  and consists just of the two of them talking and listening to each other. It's a tribute perhaps to the quality of the conversation that it was 90 minutes before I had to pause it to take the pee that I had been wanting when I pressed play.