About Me

I am a 69 year old mammal (born 1952 by my culture's counting) living in the Upper Tamar Valley, although I range across the British Isles and Northern Europe by land and sea.

During my life so far I have been a moderately serious climate and social and ecological criminal, responsible for, and complicit in destruction and damage to the web of systems that sustain me. (I called it a career, and used to be proud of it)

I still routinely consume, although to a declining extent, resources and products that cause continuing damage.

I am custodian of a couple of acres of land supporting fruiting trees and shrubs and producing food for my personal community without the use of non-renewable or non-sustainable external inputs. The land is also slowly increasing the diversity of life forms it supports and I hope to leave it in better heart than I found it.

I sometimes scratch on this wall in an seldom visited corner of the interweb for my own amusement. Occasionally I invite someone to have a look at my scribblings, but there is no more to it than that. Pass along please...nothing to see here.