Well the title says it all. Despite my good intentions.


Lockdown inertia? Maybe a bit, but shouldn't lockdowns have been an opportunity?

Out of the habit? Well I've never really got into it, so I can't be out of it.

Nothing to say? - definiately not that. There is plenty that should have been said, most of it thought but not written down. Much of it captured by other commentators but not cross fertilized to this zombie site.

Lack of an audience? Which is beside the point - as I think I've said before the audience for this site, like most of mine, is my future self. Of course it is nice to know that someone else is reading, we crave that approval, but is it essential. And if it is then shouldn't I be writing regularly, week in week out, and be active on the awful social media to pull in an audience. I really don't want to be bothered with that. If you are not me-in-the-future and you are reading this, then welcome. Its nice of you to drop by, Ido intend to write more often but who knows if I will....check back in a month, in three months, in a year and find out.

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